“Very good event, excellent opportunity to hear the OEMs and have a conversation with decision makers. Great networking with US and international companies. The relaxed atmosphere, unlike other big events, is a significant enabler to establish important contacts, have meaningful meetings, and create business opportunities.”  

- Shachar Fine, Director, Business Development, Kanfit Ltd. (Israel)

“The 2014 Trade Summit was the perfect venue to meet potential customers right here in our own back yard.”  

- Kevin Flanagan, Vice President, Flanagan Industries (Connecticut, USA)

“It was a great opportunity to meet with our current partners and clients as well as a great chance to meet new ones.  We certainly made some significant contacts which we have been in touch with since the last summit and are looking forward to the upcoming event as well.”  

- Michelle O. Allinson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Aerospace Alloys, Inc. (Connecticut, USA)

"Last year’s summit was an excellent opportunity to build relationships with one of the key aerospace and defence regions in the United States.   It provided the forum to highlight the aerospace capabilities in Northern Ireland and resulted in a very positive visit by Connecticut companies to Northern Ireland."

- Michael Polson, Aerospace and Advanced Materials, Invest Northern Ireland